Cercle Français de Brighton et Hove

Fondé en 1915

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28 September 2016

Wine tasting: taste the wine, listen to comments from the panel, and decide who is telling the truth

Mrs Gill Forte

Social event

12 October 2016
French within the children’s local community

Mme Gabrielle Ellin


26 October 2016
The Dreyfus affair

M.Guy Richeux
9 November 2016
Maurice Halna du Fretay 1920 - 1942, an aviator from Brittany
Mme Frances Stenlake
23 November 2016
A Frenchman in Brighton 1827
Mrs Suzanne Hinton

Sale of French books

14 December 2016
The Henry Matisse Museum in Cateau-Cambresis
Mme Brigit Tibout

11 January 2017
Twelfth Night
Mulled wine and traditional French galette

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Film evening at Café  Bom-Bane

24 George St, Brighton


La grande vadrouille (1966)

25 January 2017
Le Havre, historical town

Miss Nadege Gault

8 February 2017
Twenty-four good reasons to visit Le Mans
Mr Dan Lippman
22 February 2017
French: a language in danger, a culture under threat
Mme Dany Marx
8 March 2017
The presidents of the Republic 
Mme Chantal Witchalls
22 March 2017
The history of French song
M. André Nicolas

Sale of French Books


28 March 2017
Dinner and music evening

Café Bom-Bane

24 George St, Brighton


12 April 2017
A little tour of some fashionable expressions

M. Thierry Viennois

26 April 2017
The market in Clermont-l’Herault and the surrounding villages
Mrs Elspeth Broady

10 May 2017

Stained glass design

Mme Nicole Mezzy


24 May 2017

Annual General Meeting

Closing dinner

The Members

  Talk accompanied by slides, PowerPoint presentation or music.
  Event supported by the Alliance Française (http://www.alliancefrancaise.org.uk)

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Saturday 10 June 2017

Morning visit

St Andrew’s Church

Details to be announced later

Saturday  August 2017

Sale of French Books